Kingpin: Life of Crime

Revolutionary adult first person shooter from Xatrix has you pitched as a down on your luck hoodlum who is looking to scale the dizzy heights of thiefdom to become The KIngpin. Contains the standard violent action scenes but most notably also has the most colourful language this side of a football terrace.

Once upon a time games were for children and young adults. Even games with 'adult content' were either set in a fantasy land or used cartoony and low-key graphics to soften the blow. Kingpin is a game for grown ups. It is set on the mean streets of this world, contains language that would make a sailor blush and a hefty scoop of violence not softened by some of the most stunning graphics ever seen.

You can recruit all manner of dodgy people to join your gang as you take on all comers and tread on those who get in your way. Purchase your weapons from the Pawn-O-Matic with cash looted from the bodies of your victims and communicate in either positive and negative tones at one button touch, needless to say a negative conversation will result in a stream of expletives and bullets and crowbars flowing thick and fast.

Kingpin takes its cue from films like Goodfellas and The Krays, and like these movies it is aimed at adults. But those grown-ups who do play it will have a first-class gaming experience. A must for any 1st PS collection.

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