Homeworld is a real-time strategy game that's set in space. Not on another planet in space, but actually in space. With a 'Battlestar Galactica' style premise, you must lead your people in a huge mothership on a journey to their lost homeworld, that they were driven off centuries before.

Whereas in a more traditional game of this sort you would have a city to develop from, in Homeworld you have your ship. This simple fact sets Homeworld above many other real-time strategy games. Your ship is basically a mobile base, moving through space. And as space is three dimensional so is the game. Your scout craft and resource gatherers can travel in any direction and you must plot their missions on a 3D space map (the interface is really simple though, so that what could have been a confusing process is actually very easy to use).

Combat plays a big part in the game. You must research and develop newer, better weapons and fighters which you can either launch when you are under attack or send on raids. You can control them in battle and select their formation and tactics. The whole look of the game is excellent. You can zoom in on just one ship or pull back until you are viewing entire solar systems. Suffice to say it uses 3D acceleration to its full capacity.

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