Hidden and Dangerous

Hidden and Dangerous is an ultra-realistic game set during the last few years of the Second World War. Played from a third-person perspective, you control a squad of allied soldiers who must complete several covert missions.

The missions are set all over Europe, from deep in enemy territory to the fringes of Nazi control. The clever thing with Hidden and Dangerous is that the missions are all interlinked and really test your ingenuity. For example, one mission might only result in partial success. As you progress to the next mission you find out that the explosives you used in combat are now needed to blow up a dam. How are you going to do it now? Steal some explosives? Hi-jack a tank? You'll have to use your initiative. What's more, an enemy Colonel that survived the last mission is now gunning for you and smells blood.....!

Hidden and Dangerous has used the experiences of real WWII veterans and military experts to make the game as realistic as possible. All the period detail is authentic and the missions are based on actual WWII records. Many of the missions in the game actually took place and the rest were planned by Military Intelligence but were abandoned for one reason or another.

The small (up to 4 men) squad you control are extremely versatile in their movements. They can crouch, kneel, crawl, advance cautiously, side step and jump - very useful when the enemy are imbued with an advanced AI that makes them behave like real trained soldiers. Hidden and Dangerous can be played in two ways. You can either plan your actions in advance in detail and watch your squad execute your master plan. Or, if you're more of an action fan, you can take control of individual soldiers and control them through the mission.

As you would expect in this day and age the graphics are magnificent, in fact the game as a whole is very atmospheric.

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