Heavy Gear II

Heavy Gear 2 is much more than just a sequel to the original Heavy Gear. It features an entirely new game engine, Activision's own proprietary 'Dark Engine', and an all new threat.

Hostilities on the world of Terra Nova between the constantly warring Confederated Northern City States and the Allied Southern Territories have been suspended in the face of an either greater threat. The fearsome Terrans are threatening the very existance of Terra Nova, so the North and the South have joined forces to repulse this invasion.

You are a member of an elite special-ops Gear, made up of the finest pilots on the planet, regardless of their affiliation. You are charged with piloting your huge, vicious Gear in several different missions in the effort against the Terrans. Taking place on the strategic 'gate-way' planet of Caprice, deep behind enemy lines, your missions are essential to the war effort.

The game features realistic physics, photrealistic terrain, superb lighting effects and an ultra-exciting multi-player game that can be played over a network or the Internet. Games in which huge machines do battle with vastly powerful weapons never go out of fashion, and this is one of the best.

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