Half Life

Using the game engine of Quake 2, this game encompasses stunning graphics, intelligent story and gripping action to make it stand out in its own right. Winning the Best PC Game Award at the E3 games conference Half Life's developers, Valve.

Assigned to a top-secret experiment at a decommissioned missile base, you've made an amazing breakthrough, an alarming discovery, and a stupid decision. Now, with the pieces of your colleagues scattered around the lab, you must fight your way past crafty alien monsters to the surface, where a full-scale battle has erupted between the invaders and government troops.

Safe on the surface you might think? No way. The military is just as interested in silencing you as they are in eradicating the alien menace. You must make a last ditch attempt to reach the alien world, foil their monstrous schemes, and figure out how to make peace with your own murderous kind. Along the way you'll discover fantastic experimental weapons, diabolically cunning death squads, and grotesquely beautiful worlds. It will take a fast trigger finger and a faster mind to survive, as not every monster is your enemy and not everything is as it seems. The creature's in Half Life are frighteningly intelligent. Again Valve have created their own software to ensure that these beasties are no push over. They will assess situations much as a live player would, deciding whether caution should be the better part of valour. They'll develop tactics to flush you out of hiding places, go and get reinforcements and run away with as much verve as they attack. A truly stunning game that has taken gameplayers by storm, a benchmark in the history oc PC games.

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