Gabriel Knight 3

Partly moving away from the more linear aspects of the previous titles Gabriel knight 3 takes place in a real-time 3D enviroment for the first time. Characters will move about independently of what you do and there are several levels of understanding depending on how well you perform.

The story has Gabriel and the Grace visiting a Prince in the south of France. However, the Princes motives are not completely open as he needs the help of our intrepid Schattenjagger to investigate a curse that has been hanging over his family for generations. During the investigation Gabriel and Grace get tangled up in the real life mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, where a provincial priest discovered some mysterious parchments in the 1800's and ended his days in the company of mystics and occultists as well as a very wealthy man.

Whilst Gabriel is out and about exploring and getting into trouble Grace takes up her normal role of researcher and thinker. This time she has SIDNEY to help her, a computerised data base that can call up all the information you'll need at the touch of button.

Gabriel knight 3 should continue the success and quality of its predecessors and supply a engrossing experience.

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