Mission: Impossible

In Mission: Impossible, you are the leader of an entire team of IMF agents, and you'll have to use each agent's abilities to complete the mission. You control Ethan Hunt, a jack-of-all-trades who is one of the IMF's most reliable agents. You'll work with seven other agents, whose skills varying from explosives to cryptology, to complete your mission. Although sometimes agents will accompany you as you break into the target installation, you'll also have to rendezvous with them on the inside, where they might be disguised. Of course, they will only talk to you when no one else is nearby.

Hi-tech gadgets are also essential for completing your missions. Communicators, tools, explosive and other gear are available at the mission start, or can be found on-site. A wide variety of weaponry is included too, from dart guns to fully automatic weapons. Mission: Impossible's tasks emphasize stealth more than GoldenEye's bullet-ballets, and ammunition tends to be at a premium. Shrewd agents will often use their scant ammunition to shoot targets such as searchlights rather than sentries, or use stealth to avoid enemy contact altogether.

Mission: Impossible's third-person viewpoints also set it apart from GoldenEye's strictly first-person view. When you're on the move, the camera zooms out so you can get a good view of what is up ahead. Slow down, and the camera will zoom in a little so you can focus on nearby targets or obstacles. Even when you're targeting your weapons, you can still see your character, although he will be transparent.

The story of Mission: Impossible roughly follows the movie. There are two missions, each with many different locales and parts. In the first mission, code-named Icestorm, the IMF team must infiltrate a submarine pen and rig it to explode. (All the screen shots in this preview are from the first part of the first mission.) Besides an outdoor sequence where Ethan must avoid searchlights, guards and trucks that will run him down, there is also a sequence in which Ethan rides the roof of a truck through a tunnel, avoiding low-hanging ventilation pipes and enemy soldiers who jump on to the vehicle.

The second mission takes place in the sprawling American Embassy in Prague. Ethan will have to accomplish a variety of tasks in the embassy, including avoiding a deadly assassin, impersonating an ambassador's aide and planting smoke generators in the air duct system. The ultimate goal, as in the movie, is to retrieve the NOC list. A wide variety of objectives in each mission makes them very challenging.

Overall, Mission: Impossible has a very different feeling from GoldenEye. There are different gadgets, different locales and different characters. Although some missions in GoldenEye rewarded stealth, in Mission: Impossible, there are tasks that can only be completed by keeping a low profile. Infogrammes put together a very large team of programmers and artists on Mission: Impossible and this attention comes through in the game.

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