Jet Force Gemini

Imagine, Banjo-Kazooie as a shoot'em-up, set in space, with big guns and huge 3D levels. Well, Rare have produced something along these lines with Jet Force Gemini. From the development house that brought the world Banjo-Kazooie (not to mention Goldeneye and the eagerly awaited Perfect Dark) you would expect nothing less than perfection; and that is exactly what they deliver.

With Jet Force Gemini, Rare want to recreate an old time shooter in terms of atmosphere and addictive gameplay, but use cutting edge environments and graphics. The heroes are heroic, the baddies evil, the action frantic and Universe in need of saving. The Jet Force Gemini of the title are Juno, Vela and their trusty canine side-kick Lupus; spritely, young space adventurers travelling the galaxy righting wrongs. You can play as any character, and each one has their own skills that are particularly useful at certain times.

The galaxy is on the verge of War. The very nasty Mizer is conquering Systems like there is no tommorow, spreading his empire across the Universe like a rash. Can the Jet Force Gemini take him on in his own backyard and stop his expansion.

Like Banjo-Kazooie the levels and game environment are 3D, giving you complete freedom to roam. As we;ve come to expect from Rare the graphics are stunning. Brightly coloured and with real depth, the space-age has never looked so attractive. The animation is as smooth as a very smooth thing; the main characters movements are full of superb little touches like glancing over their shoulder every now and then when moving backwards.

Goldeneye is the hands down favourite N64 death match game but Jet Force Gemini gives it a fair run for its money. There is co-operative and death match multi-player modes for you to get your teeth into. You can even play many of the sub-games multi-player giving you access to a fast and furious head-to-head race game. Jet Force Gemini is another reason why Rare are one of the top games developers in the world and another first-class game for the Nintendo 64.

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