Vlad the impaler comes to the Nintendo 64 and its your job to hunt him down! Playing as either Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez (both descended from a long line of vampire slayers) you must track down the Prince of Darkness and his minions. The game has a clock system tracking the passage of day and night; very important in a vampire game. During the day you are safe (as long as you stay out of dark houses and tunnels. But as soon as night falls you'd better watch out.

The game is constructed so that you can't avoid the dark forever. Some tasks can only be acheived by venturing out at night. Then you will need to use your whip (if you're Reinhardt) or your magic (if you are Carrie). Each character has a different path to follow, visiting different locations and with different endings so if you want to see the whole game you'll have to complete it twice, which is not a problem as it is very playable indeed. Just make sure the sofa is nice and close as some of the cut scenes will make you want to hide behind it.

Dracula has more than vampires on his side meaning you are never 100% safe. Skeletons, giant spiders, spider-woman mutants, and lots of other creepy creatures.

Combat is carried out with a weapon targeting system; a cross hair that turns red when an enemy is in range. You have 28 different areas to explore and must defeat Dracula in three different time zones before you can rest easy.

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