Carmageddon 64

The premise for the notorious Carmageddon is very simple. Drivers compete on tracks to kill as many zombies as they can in races held outside the compounds. You are Max Damage, an entrant into these races and eager to become Carmageddon Champion and escape to a better life elsewhere. The only other option is to be left to the mutants.

You have 20 opponents to race against and 23 'Slaughter Mobiles' to smash. The vehicles are crazy, a cross between a clown's car and a hot rod . The N64 version contains many extras exclusive to this format and plenty of hidden areas to explore. There are some innovative upgrades such as the 'Repulsificator' and 'Gravity from Jupiter' for you to collect and wreak havoc with. The more you kill the more credits you'll receive to spend on improving your vehicle, hence the easier it will be to mow those pedestrians down.

The Nintendo 64 consoles graphical capability compliments the realistic physics engine, especially in those dismemberment scenes.

There are 5 different two player games which add immensely to the fun (I think Terminal Tag, is my favourite). Carmageddon has adult content, and may upset those of a nervous disposition. But if you can take it, it's a lot of fun.

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