1080 Snowboarding

In the tradition of Nintendo EAD classics like Wave Race 64 and Star Fox 64, 1080 Snowboarding sets a new gold standard in graphics, play control and sound. Whether you're sticking a Stalefish in the half pipe or a 720 Air in a raging blizzard, 1080 delivers snowboarding action so real you'll be checking your nose for blood!

1080 packs an awesome graphical punch. The mountain backgrounds are superbly detailed and everything is richly textured: rocks, trees, ice, caves, etc. 1080 has some excellent effects from realistic snow fall to lens flares. The frame rate from every camera angle is smooth as ice. The sound effects are frighteningly realistic with the board swooshing, grinding and crashing over the different surfaces.

But all of this would be nothing without some pretty intense gameplay. The game is a highly accurate simulation of snowboarding. You must use all your skill to stay the course as you hurtle down the mountain side. There are over a dozen different tricks at your disposal to boost your point score. 1080 is also compatible with a Rumble Pak so you can feel the bumps and grooves of the mountain slope as you fight to maintain control.

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